• Dear colleagues and friends,

    It is with immense delight that we invite you to the 2023 SVEPM conference in Toulouse, one of the most historic cities in France. Toulouse is called the “Pink City” for its peculiar architecture, it has a large student population and shines globally not only for its Airbus planes but also for its sausages and cassoulet! We will do our best to make sure you go back to your country with just one regret: that you decided to stay for only 5 days…
    To ensure you experience the vibrant flavour of this unique city, the local organising committee has decided to make the event extremely central. As a consequence, we are working hard to make sure that all conference activities, including the young scientist event, the welcome reception, the gala dinner, sightseeing walks and late drinks are located at a walking distance from the conference venue. By the end of SVEPM2023, you will be familiar with all secrets from the brick-built side streets, the gastronomy “à la française”, the relaxing atmosphere of the Garonne river, the statues of the Botanical Garden, the pastis from Chez Tonton, and many more that even we do not know about!
    We believe this unique atmosphere will create plenty of opportunities for you to socialise and interact with the SVEPM community in a friendly and efficient way.
    We look forward to welcoming you in person at the SVEPM conference in 2023 in Toulouse!
    On behalf of the local organising committee

    Timothée Vergne

  • You can check out here what we will have in 2023!

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